About Copper Caribou

Drin Gwiinzii,

We are Delaney Prysnuk and Montana Prysnuk, a Vuntut Gwich’in, Ukrainian and Scandinavian sister duo from the Yukon Territory, Canada. As a family, we have always been taught to have respect for the land and animals. They provide for us, they teach us, they nourish us. We honour our culture and Indigenous knowledge through beadwork, artwork, hide work and language.

After high school in Whitehorse, Yukon, we both attended the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. Delaney completed a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and works in Culture and Heritage. Montana completed a Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management, and since has worked as an Education Assistant and with youth in Whitehorse.

For over 10 years, we have been creating and selling our hand crafted art and jewellery. These pieces have morphed and evolved over the years to what we make today. Through these creations we are able to express part of our journey using inspiration from the land and all it holds.

Art and beadwork have become embedded in our healing process as we go through this life. Our culture is genuinely important to us and learning is forever an on-going process. We are still learning, and will continue to grow so we can pass on knowledge to our children and future generations. This ongoing work is the first step to reclaim what was lost and taken from us and our people.

Our Copper Caribou journey is dedicated to our lost brothers, Mckeehan Prysnuk and Stephen Mills Jr. We love you and hold you in our hearts and spirits. Mahsi’ choo.

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